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Welcome to Mending the Gap! 

Mending the Gap Inc. provides basic needs and support services to help improve the lives of vulnerable senior citizens, while connecting youth and elderly adults who will create healthy and fulfilling relationships.




Inspire youth and enrich the lives of older adults through basic needs support, companionship and intergenerational programs. 

Our goal is to provide low-income seniors with supportive services that will alleviate hunger, isolation and loneliness. Helping them to remain healthy, independent and connected.


 Senior Testimonial ! 

"I would like to take a moment and write Mending The Gap Inc for the incredible program you have started and I am a part of.  I am on a small fixed income. Sometimes it is hard stretching that fixed income to be able to purchase groceries, paper goods, and cleaning supplies. Thanks to the monthly supplies received from you, and the connection from the kids, my stress level is lighter. Your kindness truly touches my life in an awesome way.  Thanks for all you do".  

~ Elaine

             Coronavirus Impact!

This is a critical time for senior citizens, who are on the most

vulnerable list. We need your assistance to help them to remain safe and healthy! We are delivering food and toiletries as needed to hundreds of seniors and we are almost out of items.  We need your support!

How you can help!

 DONATE ITEMS-peanut butter, crackers, soups, canned fruit and Meats, chile, water, sanitizer, toilet paper, hand soap.

MONETARY Donation- To purchase item like fish, eggs, fresh produce.

Due to increasing  actions throughout the state to limit or halt the spread of the Corona Virus, Mending The Gap is limiting on-site personnel and visitors.


During this time, you may contact us by  email or phone- 404-729-5185.

Office will be open only for donation drop-off. If you would like to make arrangements for donation drop off please call us at 404-729-5185 or you may send donations 70lb or less     to Mending the GAP- 35 Patterson Rd,( P.O Box 464823), Lawrenceville, GA 30042.


Our top priority is to continue service while protecting our employees/volunteers, and supporters.


We appreciate your support.


Note: Pick up is also available, just send an email or call 404-729-5185




Each month Mending the Gap serves 350-400 seniors through our various programs;

  • Deliver 300+ bags with toiletries, personal care items, non-perishable food and fresh produce.

  • Over 100+ youth participate in our weekly Intergenerational programs. Bridging the generational gap, providing companionship, and establishing healthy and positive relationships with our seniors.


 Benefit for Seniors: 

  • Improved health and well-being 

  • Enhanced life satisfaction

  • Decreased loneliness and isolation

  • Increased new learning and and social skills     

  • Positive relationships with younger generations 

 Benefit for Youth: 

  • Positive attitudes toward aging, a sense of purpose and community service. 

  • Learning communication and social skills

  • Working for a cause that makes a difference 

  • Gaining leadership experiences and career skills

  • Learning from older adults' wisdom and experiences

  • Gain empathy for diversity

  • Opportunity to be civically and/or politically engaged



      Special Thanks to          

Our Community Partners 

  Mending the Gap Inc.