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Flapjack Fundraiser Success

Who doesn’t enjoy a piping hot batch of pancakes and delicious fresh strawberries? Mending the Gap Inc.’s Flapjack Fundraiser was held on April 28th at Applebee’s in Snellville, GA. Our staff, board members and a host of volunteers were on hand to serve breakfast to our seniors and supporters. The room was filled smiles, laughter and warm hugs as everyone enjoyed breakfast on a perfectly sunny Saturday morning.

Our seniors have the best stories and our volunteers were lucky enough to hear these stories first hand from the people they support.

A huge THANK YOU to Applebee’s of Snellville for opening your doors for us bright and early on a Saturday. Thank you to Sarah Care of Snellville, Side by Side and others that transported the seniors to the event. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers for taking such good care of our guests.

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