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Mending The Gap Annual Run Against Senior Hunger Event | Sept. 23, 2017

Tribble Mill Park was surely a hidden gem. A place where runners and walkers alike could embrace the morning dew on their heels and the stillness of dawn approaching. 6am-Mending The Gap volunteers rolled up their sleeves and laced up their shoes to await the anxious runners for the most anticipated Run Against Senior Hunger 5k Run/Walk event! As tents were staked in, timers being set and the aroma of coffee filled the air, runners began to roll in.

The very subject of Senior Hunger is taboo in most households, let alone to be mentioned in conversation, however it is more pronounced than ever in the Georgia community. With budget cuts in Medicaid slowly becoming non existent and lack of family involvement, 1 in 6 seniors struggle with hunger every day. 1 out of 10 seniors are of those who have been neglected from family members. Staggering statistics and stories like

these bring the community together to take initiative and to make a difference. Our runners not only raised funds for the continuous efforts of MTG to deliver over 2000lbs of food/toiletries, but also expanded the reach of this need to senior citizens all over Georgia.

Our sponsors made a major impact by educating and informing our participants on the value of health and wellness for senior citizens. Foretelling their experiences and partnership during the award ceremony made all the sweat and tears worth crossing the finish line. Awards were given to our top three contestants in each age bracket with the oldest of 70 years of age in 32 min! Think about that before you give an excuse not to exercise! The glimmering medals and smiling faces filled our cameras with memories for future events to come. Seniors shaking hands and kissing faces was the epitome of their appreciation. We thank all our volunteers, sponsors, and runners for making this event successful and look forward to building better community for seniors.

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