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HoPe Organization Partners with Mending the Gap, Inc. to Bring Hope to Some Gwinnett County Senior C

Story by Mountain View HoPe

Volunteering at Gwinnett Extended Care Center with Mending the Gap, Inc. has been an eye-opening experience for Mountain View HoPe members. Mending the Gap, Inc. provides opportunities for youth and senior citizens to interact, engage and build positive relationships.

Mountain View HoPe is part of HoPe (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The mission of HoPe is to increase the graduation rate among Hispanic high school students through leadership, education, and community service. With over 2,000 members, HoPe is the LARGEST Hispanic high school student organization in Georgia and the Southeast. HoPe serves 34 schools across 12 school districts in Georgia, and will continue to expand in the following school years to serve more communities, students, and families.

Mountain View HoPe (MVHS HoPe) seized the opportunity to spread awareness of the ever-growing HoPe organization, by working with Mending the Gap, Inc. to help provide love and support to some of Gwinnett County’s most vulnerable senior residents. Although we went in not knowing what to expect, we received so much by just speaking with the seniors and spending time with them. Many MVHS HoPe members have routinely met up with the same seniors, creating a friendship with them.

There is a misconception that seniors are too old, forgetful, and boring – in speaking to seniors, we have found this to be untrue. Learning about seniors’ lives and getting advice from them has been really eye-opening for us. There is so much to learn from seniors that is missed when they are ignored. Don’t neglect seniors; appreciate them because they are full of wisdom.

Other MTG teens and the (17) MVHS HoPe members that visit Gwinnett Extended Care Center look forward to their visits every 1st and 3rd Friday of every month! We “HoPe” to grow more in volunteer numbers so even more people can have their eyes opened! For more information about MTG’s intergenerational program, visit their website at www.mending-the-gap.org.

Sebastian Cardoza

President (MVHS HoPe)

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