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Still I Rise: Honoring Seniors and Raising Awareness of Elderly Abuse

On Saturday, October 17, 2015, Mending the Gap hosted its annual

“Still I Rise” event at the Southwestern Railway Museum in Duluth, GA, and what

an unforgettable evening it was! From the start of the conference to its closing,

distinguished guests and honorees received what was promised – an informative, entertaining and inspirational occasion.

The purpose of the conference was to honor seniors and shed light on the issue

of elder abuse. Each year, hundreds of thousands of adults over 60 are abused,

neglected or financially exploited, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Still I Rise” gave us the opportunity to recognize the value that seniors bring to our communities.

Kicking off the event, guests partook in a silent auction, followed by a scenic train

ride with the Southwestern Railway. We had a blast from the past as we toured the

museum, which featured historic Pullman cars, steam locomotives, early-model typewriters and other momentous items. Adding to the vibe, our dynamic DJ delivered classic and jazz music as we savored the delicious meal prepared by the esteemed chef of Garden Plaza and a glass of wine from WineShop At Home.

Guest speaker David Blake, Financial Forensic Specialist at DHS, gave an

insightful speech on elder abuse plus tips on how to recognize and prevent

it. However, the highlight of the evening was the honoring of our seniors by

the Founder of MTG, Fay Josephs and Georgia State House Representative,

Valerie Clarke.

The honorees are only a few of our elderly citizens who have devoted their time

and effort to serving their communities regardless of their age, disabilities and

socioeconomic status – confirming that seniors are important to the community and

should be treated with care and respect.

Our honorees (in photo order below) are Henry Duren, Betty Bus, Jeri Morgan, Karen Bartley, Mary Pitman, Jean Langford, and Isabella Newbold.

We are truly grateful to everyone who participated so we could raise the funds

needed to help support low-income seniors in Gwinnett County.

We could not have pulled off this event without the support of our sponsors:

Kaiser Permanente, WineShop At Home, and Garden Plaza/The Bridge at


We would also like to thank our guest speaker, planning committee, board

members, other donors and supporters, and, last but not least, our dedicated

volunteers. It was truly a memorable occasion.


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