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Help Seniors Grow Their Own Food

It's hard for seniors to prioritize their health when their basic need for food and necessities are not being properly met. By simply helping seniors to address these needs, Mending the Gap expects two positive outcomes: seniors will lead healthier lives and the overall cost of health care will be reduced.

Mending the Gap teens and adult volunteers are assisting some of our senior residents with working their vegetable garden. This garden provides a source of fresh food for these low-income residents who find it difficult to purchase healthy food on a consistent basis.

This is also an opportunity to bring generations together. Mending the Gap offers ways to engage elders and youths, resulting in a positive impact on their own lives and the lives of their communities. Youths assisting in Applewood Garden have the opportunity to meet older members of their community who have a wealth of gardening experience and can share their practices, cultural backgrounds and wisdom.

We are so excited to announce that the Applewood community garden, with the help of Mending the Gap, received the Community and Educational Gardens Grant from Food Well Alliance. We are proud to be working with Food Well Alliance to improve our garden and strengthen the local food system in Atlanta.

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