What We Do

Since 2010, Mending The Gap has been transforming the aging experience through our innovative approach to help meeting the needs of low-income and vulnerable seniors.  

Who We Serve

More than 90% of our seniors live below the Federal Poverty Level and struggle to meet basic needs, living on less than $1,000/month and paying rent and utilities, leaving just a few dollars a day to pay for food, medication, transportation and other expenses. Our program provides an alternative to seniors who are unable to drive or lack access to transportation.

Nearly 400 low-income seniors rely on Mending The Gap every month, and we are proud to provide all our services free of charge and without a waiting list.

Mending The Gap is dedicated to providing exceptional support services for individuals age 60+ regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, place of birth, ancestry, citizenship, military or veteran status, or disability.

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The Inter-Generational Initiative

Intergenerational programs increase cooperation and interaction among people of different generations. By sharing talents and resources throughout the age spectrum, each person benefits, as well as the community as a whole.


Benefits for the Community

  • Bring together diverse groups and help dispel inaccurately negative stereotypes.

  • People of every age are less alienated while the community recognizes anyone at any age can be contributing members of society.

  • Potentially multiply human resources by engaging older and younger volunteers in different types of opportunities.

  • Promote passing cultural traditions and values from older to younger generations.

  • Help to build a sense of personal and societal identity while encouraging tolerance.

 Stats on Seniors


More than one in every ten senior citizens in Georgia is living in poverty (11.2%) – This new number reflects a slight increase from 10.9% last year. (U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey Profile.  Data released Sept. 2013)

73% of households report having to choose between paying for food and paying for medicine or medical care

Most seniors are forced to make tough choices about the food they eat. Subsequently, many of them suffer from chronic health conditions.

86% of households report purchasing inexpensive, unhealthy food because they could not afford healthier options.

Approximately 48 percent are living on monthly income less than $800 and receiving Food Stamps benefits as little as $15/mo.

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Since 2006, Mending the Gap, Inc. has been serving families in the greater Atlanta area. MTG, formerly Sistas Circle Inc., began as our founder’s mission to help women and their families regain independence and live self-sufficiently. 


As Sistas Circle expanded, a program was added to empower teens and adolescent girls by providing them with tools to develop a clear vision for success and realize their full potentials.


In 2010, we implemented an intergenerational initiative to offer companionship and support to low-income seniors in Gwinnett County. The new focus of Bridging the generational gap created a dramatic shift to our mission and thus our organization became Mending the Gap Inc. 

Today, Mending the Gap provides support to over 400 seniors each month.